Saturday, October 10, 2009

OBAGI - VISIA Improvements at 3 weeks

I've been on the Obagi Nu-derm system (their top of the line skin care product line) for about 3 weeks. Mostly improvements noted on the VISIA machine (skin care anlysis by computer) and some worsening of other parameters.

I decided to do a 3 week follow up VISIA skin analysis on the left side of my face. The comparison is from 9/18/09 to 10/10/09

I had improvements already in: Spots, Wrinkles, Texture, and Pores.

Spots went from 29% to 33% (improvement!)
Wrinkles went from 11% to 40% (big improvement!)
Texture went from 5% to 9% (improvement!)
Pores went from 2% to 3% (slight improvement)

VISIA "Step back" (worsening results):
Red areas and Brown Spots got worse! But keep in mind this is only 3 weeks of using the product and we are in the first stages of getting used to the product.

Red areas: went from 48 to 74 for a feature count
Brown spots went from 160 to 183 for a feature count

Taking a step back on these items in order to take steps forward. This is common as I've heard from our aestheticians that there are increases in Red areas - as there is some inflammation in this phase of "Out with the Old." I'm not sure why I have a worsening of Brown spots, but we shall see what the trend shows.

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