Saturday, October 3, 2009

4 phases of Obagi Transformation: Phase 1 "out with the old"

From the Obagi website:

The Four Phases of Transformation

Phase 1

OUT WITH THE OLD (Weeks 1-6)

Nu-Derm System penetrates to the deepest layer of your skin to correct signs of premature aging and acne flares

Old, dead skin cells are pushed to the surface and replaced with fresh cells

Itching, dryness and redness are possible side effects as your skin adapts to the system

Expect: Pigmented skin cells to become regulated, creating a more even toned appearance

My notes at week #2 (Today would be Day #14 for me).

I am almost in the middle of Phase 1. I have minor itchiness and minor redness. I have noticed that I do have more acne breakouts. This, as I've been told by many OBAGI Nu-derm users, is completely expected. I have heard this phase as "purging" of the old facial skin.

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